Cameron Hepburn



Cameron Hepburn has had a career spanning academia, business and public policy.

Academia. Cameron graduated with first class honours in law and chemical engineering (with a diploma in French) from the University of Melbourne, and proceeded on a Rhodes Scholarship to complete an M.Phil and D.Phil (Ph.D) in economics from the University of Oxford. He has peer-reviewed publications in a range of disciplines, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the challenges in the resources and energy sectors.  He has particular expertise in the economics of energy and environmental issues.

Cameron holds the following academic positions:

Public policy. Cameron has served on a range of government Advisory Panels, including to the UK Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change.  He served for almost a decade as a member of the Academic Panel, in the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Department of Energy and Climate Change.  He advises governments (e.g. China, India, UK, Australia) and international institutions (e.g. OECD, UN organisations) on energy, resources and environmental policy.

Business. Cameron began his business career with work at Shell, law firm Mallesons and management consultancy McKinsey & Co.  Cameron is now a founder-investor in the social enterprise and clean energy sectors. He co-founded Aurora Energy Research, a firm that provides members with intelligence, data and analysis of policy events in the rapidly-transforming energy markets, built on highly granular models of the global energy system and national power markets.  He also co-founded Vivid Economics, an economics consultancy working with private and government clients on development, finance and environmental issues. He co-founded Climate Bridge, a developer of clean energy projects based in China. He is an investor in Purpose, a firm that uses digital technology to create mass consumer movements, DoSustainability, a specialist electronic publisher, and Apolitical, a firm dedicated to sharing best practice on major policy challenges across national governments.

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