Cameron Hepburn

Green Economy Workshop – Stockholm, Sweden

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The workshop has been financed by MISTRA – The Swedish Foundation of Strategical Environmental Research – to explore a research agenda for a transition to a green, inclusive economy.

Monday 10/2

10.30–11.00 Registration, coffee
11.00–12.15 Welcome address
– Lars-Erik Liljelund, Director of Mistra
Transition to a green economy — Presentation of the workshop report; key
conclusions and recommendations
– Eva Alfredsson and Anders Wijkman, organisers
Key research questions for a transition to a green, inclusive economy?
– Hunter Lovins, co-author Natural Capitalism
– Cameron Hepburn, Institute for New Economic Thinking
– Stefano Bartolini, pioneer in research on happiness and wellbeing
12.15–13.30 Lunch
13.30–14.30 Key research questions for a transition to a green, inclusive economy?
– Gail Tverberg, analyst and founder of Our Finite World
– Paul Warde, Reader in Environmental an Economic History, University of
East Anglia
– Harald Sverdrup, professor of Chemical Engineering, Lunds University
– Oliver Greenfield, chair Green Economy Coalition
– Thomas Sterner, Professor of Environmental Economics, University of
14.30–15.00 Open floor — Questions and comments
15.00–15.30 Coffee break
15.30–16.15 Which are the key research questions within the following focal areas for a
transition to a green, inclusive economy?
– Well-being and social capital — How to align society and the economy to
the overarching goal of social wellbeing
Intro: Sandro Scocco, Chief economist at the think tank Arena Idé
– Beyond GDP — Going from quantitative economic growth to qualitative
economic development
Intro: Vala Ragnarsdottir, Dean of the School of Engineering and Natural
Sciences, University of Iceland.
– Energy — What is the role of energy in society and how will ‘ peak oil‘
affect the economy?
Intro: Ian Johnson, Secretary General, Club of Rome
– Sustainable business — What are the obstacles to business assuming
leadership in the transition?
Intro: Karl-Henrik Robert, Founder The Natural Step
16.15–18.00 Group discussions
Which are the key research questions for a transition to a green economy?
o Social capital
o Energy
o Beyond GDP
o Sustainable business
19.30 Dinner
After- dinner talk: Reflections on the transition to a green, inclusive
– John Fullerton