Cameron Hepburn

Chatham House – Climate Change

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Delivering Concrete Climate Change Action

Towards 2015
21-22 October 2013

Over the past five years, the political conditions for a global agreement on climate change have shifted. There is today growing consensus that responding to a changing climate will require multi-level collaboration and new alliances.

In the run-up to the deadline for a new international climate change agreement in 2015, the 17th Annual Chatham House Conference on Climate Change will focus on workable solutions that will help accelerate global decarbonization.

This conference will ask:

  • What will a global deal in 2015 look like? What are the key components of a shared vision? What elements do developing and developed countries need in order to reach agreement?
  • How can the emerging international climate change regime – comprising voluntary partnerships, formal negotiations and business coalitions – deliver the necessary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions?
  • To what extent will new energy realities affect the politics of climate change?
  • What practical lessons can be learned from existing carbon mitigation and adaptation policies?
  • How can the international community harness progressive leadership?