Cameron Hepburn

Global Conference on Economic Geography

Event Details

Cameron will be presenting the plenary session on “Green growth: models and metrics” at 5.10pm, sponsored by the School of Geography and the Environment.

The objective of the Conference is to foster interdisciplinary worldwide dialogue on the state of the art and the future agenda of economic geography. Its title ‘Mapping Economies in Transformation’ is based on the premise that while the world economy has been recently experiencing major shocks and shifts, it needs transformative change to address the challenges of unstable, unequal, and unsustainable development. South to South economic relations have become one of the engines of the global economy. Regulatory reforms in the wake of the global financial crisis are redefining the relationships between state and markets. Having reshaped media and services (the world of information bytes), digital technologies, armed with open-source design and 3-D printing, are now transforming manufacturing (the world of atoms). Climate change is marching on relentlessly unsettling economic relations and livelihoods. Economic geography, with its focus on uneven development is well positioned to map such transformations, explore their implications, and formulate new ways in which economies can be conceptualized and researched.

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