Cameron Hepburn

‘Nature and Language’ Session with George Monbiot, Oxford Literary Festival

Event Details

Cameron will be speaking at the Oxford Martin School Literary Festival, on the session ‘Nature and Language: How Language Influences our Relationship with Natural World’.

Cameron’s session is on ‘Value and values: how the natural capital agenda frames our approach to nature’ with George Monbiot, chaired by Pilita Clark.

Our environmental language is littered with such terms as ‘ecosystem services’, ‘no-take zones’, ‘reserves’. Is this language an essential tool in valuing and protecting the natural world for the benefit of both threatened biodiversity and for those whose livelihoods depend on the ‘services’ the natural world provides? Or does it discourage us from embracing the wonder of the natural world at the expense of appealing to financial self-interest? At the core of this debate is the question of what influences our environmental choices most – intrinsic or extrinsic values.

Monbiot is an author, journalist and one of the UK’s best-known environmental campaigners. He is author of Feral: Searching for Enchantment on the Frontiers of Rewilding. Hepburn is an economist with expertise in energy, resources and the environment and author of Nature in the Balance: The Economics of Biodiversity.  Clark is environmental correspondent of the Financial Times.

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