Cameron Hepburn

6 July 2009

Inspiring Green Innovation

Cameron Hepburn

Climate change is going to be high on the agenda as the Group of 8 most industrialised nations meet in Italy this week.

It will also hit the headlines in a very large way in December when the United Nations Climate Change Summit is held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

However, though there is much agreement that something must be done to curtail the changes occurring to our planet, how best to go about nurturing the innovators who will develop necessary technologies, is a subject of much debate.

In this week’s Analysis Tim Harford asks what is the most efficient way to pick the winners in this field and tries to chart the best path for both governments and the private sector to lead the way.


Eric Beinhocker, Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute

Professor Sir David King, Director of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment

Cameron Hepburn, Senior Research Fellow at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment and Director, Climate Bridge

James Cameron, Executive Director, Climate Change Capital

Mark Williamson, Director of Innovations, Carbon Trust

David Rooney, Curator of Technology, London Science Museum

Suzanne Scotchmer, Professor, University of California Berkeley and author of “Innovations and Incentives”

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