Cameron Hepburn

19 September 2014

‘Rain and Bamboo Shoots’ – Philippine Daily Inquirer

Cameron Hepburn

Heavier and more frequent rains are likely to lash the Philippines in the years ahead, according to a joint study by scholars from Oxford University, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Philippine Institute of Development Studies (PIDS). 

The study’s authors are the ADB’s Vinod Thomas, PIDS’ Jose Ramon Albert,  and Oxford’s Cameron Hepburn.


Managing rain is key to eradicating poverty and hunger in dry lands that anchor 44 percent of the world’s cultivated systems, which barely feed 2.1 billion people, scientists said on the opening day of the [World Water Week] conference.

The scientists came from Oxford University, Pacific Institute, Rockefeller Foundation, and Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Conference delegates flew in from 130 countries and 200 organizations.

World Water Week is a meeting held since 1991. It began as the Stockholm Water Conference and expanded into today’s World Water Week. Earlier themes ranged from “Drainage Basin Security” in 2003 to “Sanitation Issues” in 2008 to water in an urbanizing world in 2011.

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