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    ‘US-China Carbon Deal to Prevent Interstellar Apocalypse’ – International Business Times

    The new Christopher Nolan sci-fi epic Interstellar that depicts the earth on the verge of environmental catastrophe, with a blight wiping out most of the planet’s crops and causing ominous dust storms, might have served as inspiration for US president Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping who have surprisingly agreed on a long-term plan to curb CO2 […]

    ’59 economists unite for carbon pricing petition’ – Business Spectator

    Fifty-nine leading economists united today in support of a price and limit on carbon pollution. The group of Australian business and academic economists includes former Liberal Party leader John Hewson, financial sector economist Geoff Weir and Australian professors from universities across the globe. In an open letter they urge all Members of Parliament and senators to work […]

    ‘Don’t axe the tax: emissions trading supporters make last-ditch plea’ – The Guardian

    Repeal could cost $20bn over next four years and 59 economists insist a carbon price is the best way to reduce emissions. Supporters of emissions trading are making a last-ditch plea to the Senate not to repeal Australia’s laws – citing new analysis that shows “axing the tax” will cost the budget almost $20bn over […]

    New Scientist on the economic damages from climate change

    Climate Change already harming the global economy. Climate change now costs more than the emissions cuts that are needed to tackle global warming. If the claims stand up, it boosts the case for urgent action, says Cameron Hepburn of the London School of Economics. “Caps on emissions should be much tighter, and carbon prices much higher, than they are […]

    Financial Times – Trust me – we have a serious carbon credibility problem

    … The British government has set a binding carbon emissions target for 2050. It is safe to speculate that the present cabinet will be out of office by then. Meanwhile, the government levies a reduced rate of tax on domestic heating and neither new nuclear power stations nor renewable energy look well placed to meet […]

    NewStatesman – World Saved . . . planet doomed

    Green activists are seeing the global economic crisis as an opportunity, but the truth remains: high You could call it the see-saw effect: it has long been an article of political faith that as worries about the economy go up, interest in the environment must go down. It stands to reason: people who are concerned […]

    Lightly carbonated – The Economist

    European companies are not yet taking full advantage of carbon markets IT SOMETIMES seems that plans for emissions trading are piling up even faster than the greenhouse gases they are designed to curb. In late July the first emissions exchanges in Australia and Canada opened, in anticipation of mandatory carbon-trading schemes in both countries. America […]

    The Economist – The heat is on – A survey of climate change

    Dismal calculations The economics of living with climate change or mitigating it SCIENTISTS are better at getting headlines than economists are: doom for the planet makes better copy than cost-benefit analyses. That may be why some economists feel that the issue has been captured by economically illiterate climatologists who do not seem to understand that […]

    BBC R4 – Radio Current Affairs – Analysis – The Tiger or the Tank?

    ANALYSIS THE TIGER OR THE TANK? TRANSCRIPT OF A RECORDED DOCUMENTARY Presenter: Dieter Helm Producer: Simon Coates Editor: Nicola Meyrick Professor Sir David King, Kt., F.R.S., F.R.S.C., Chief Scientific Adviser to H.M. Government, Head of Office of Science & Technology & 1920 Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Cambridge Cameron Hepburn Elizabeth Wordsworth Junior Research […]