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    Interview with Katerina Kimmorley for “The UpSide”

    Will China cause or save the rest of the world from catastrophic climate change? Katerina Kimmorley talks to Dr Cameron Hepburn, Senior Research Fellow at the Grantham Institute.

    Greening Oz – The Economist

    The government considers a carbon tax EVER since she was elected prime minister six weeks ago, Julia Gillard has been under pressure to restore the ruling Labor Party’s credibility on climate change. Relying on coal to generate about 80% of its electricity makes Australia one of the biggest greenhouse-gas emitters per head. Labor’s decision to […]

    Financial Times – European union should auction most CO2 permits, says study

    European governments should auction most of the permits in the Union’s carbon dioxide emissions trading scheme, according to research by Oxford academics, writes Scheherazade Daneshkhu. A study co-authored by Robert Ritz of Nuffield College, to be presented to the Royal Economic Society’s annual conference next week, said the plan to auction up to 10 per […]