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    The Telegraph – Meet 10 powerful women (and men) working part-time

    Plenty of senior people across a range of sectors work part-time and have forged successful careers by doing so. More and more employers are seeing the potential of employing people on a flexible basis, too – for one thing, they will be cheaper to hire but are just as committed to the role.

    Financial Times – Hepburn included on Power Part Time List

    The part-timers are taking over By Alison Maitland Many organisations still see “part-time” as synonymous with junior or middle-ranking roles and modest responsibility and ambition. However, FT Executive Appointments today publishes a list of 50 people at the top of their professions who are working less than a five-day-week. The Power Part Time List, launched […]

    Financial Times – The Economics and Politics of Climate Change

    The Economics and Politics of Climate Change The United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen is almost upon us. Preparations for it have attracted unprecedented public debate on climate change and what should be done about it. There is always a long and unsteady bridge between the science underlying a problem and the economics […]